Weekend Excursion to Vansterdam! :)

Hi! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!

This weekend I took a trip up to Vancouver to visit my old roommate and her boyfriend who recently moved to the city 🙂 I wasn’t sure what to title this post so I looked up nicknames for Vancouver and found out that Vansterdam is one of the more well-known ones! Apparently Vancouver is very liberal with recreational drug use, hence the nickname haha XD


The last time I went to Vancouver was when I was really young, so I didn’t remember much about the city and went on the trip not really expecting anything 🙂 A couple of friends at work had told me that there’s a huge Chinese population there, so that I should definitely try as much Chinese food as I could, but that was pretty much all I knew about Vancouver going up 🙂



I arrived pretty late on Friday night, so we didn’t do too much that day other than go out for some light bites, but on Saturday we had the whole day to explore Vancouver! The first thing we did was go for some congee in Chinatown, because I looooove congee and also there was a really yummy place right next door to my friend’s apartment!


Next we headed over to Gastown, a place my friend explained to me is like Vancouver’s equivalent of Cap Hill here in Seattle 😀 The area was really lively and bustling with people, and it seemed like one of the main tourist districts in Vancouver 🙂 We passed by a lot of really chic stores as well as the statue of Gassy Jack (which Gastown is named after) and the famous Gastown Steam clock :D. The steam clock plays a few notes every 15 minutes, and I think it plays a short song every hour (?) but I wasn’t around to hear the longer song so I’m not a 100% sure :3!


After Gastown we wanted to go biking around Stanley Park so we looked for bike rentals nearby and found a company called Van City Bikes. Renting the bike was a pretty speedy process and we rented it for the rest of the day at a pretty affordable price 😀 Once we were out of the pedestrian heavy area of the city, we got on our bikes and off we went around Stanley Park! We’d been worried that it would rain during the bike ride but fortunately the rain let up just before we started the ride! The view was also pretty great and it was very refreshing to glide past the seawall on our bikes and breathe in the fresh air 🙂


After making a roundtrip around Stanley Park, we rode our bikes to Granville Island! The island itself is not super huge, but it was bustling with storefronts and people, so it had a really nice vibe and was like a little oasis in the middle of the busy city around it 😀 We stopped into a lot of the little stores and tried out samples of stuff, and eventually made our way to the Public Market on the island 😀

We wanted to spend some more time on Granville Island, but our day had to draw to a close so we rode our bikes back through the city to the Van City Bikes rental area and after returning them, ended the day by watching season 3 of Stranger Things XD


I liked Vancouver and would probably go visit again sometime this year or next year! Thank you, Vansterdam! XD