A Trip to Thomas Family Farm

Over the weekend I visited Thomas Family Farm up in Snohomish County 🙂 It’s a really great family-friendly farm that has a big pumpkin patch and corn maze among other things, and it was a really festive way to spend a cool fall day!

There were many different colored pumpkins in the pumpkin patch 😀 

The farm is essentially divided up into two parts – the daytime activities and nighttime activities. Daytime activities include the corn maze, a kiddie playground section, and shopping for pumpkins on the pumpkin patch :D. Nighttime activities include a flashlight corn maze, a zombie paintball game, and a haunted house and hayride!

There were also several food stands both outdoors and indoors, and I definitely went for the roasted corn stand ❤ I love roasted corn!

Roasted corn, pizza, and donuts!

The weather was pretty cold that day so we left relatively soon after the sun went down, but it could’ve been cool to stay for the nighttime activities too, especially for the zombie paintball game 😀