NEKO: A Cat Cafe in Seattle

Today my coworkers and I paid a visit to NEKO, an awesome cat cafe in Capitol Hill! Most of us on the team love cats so it was a real treat for us to be able to hang out together with cats (and each other, I guess, haha – just kidding!).

When you enter the cafe, you’ll see the room with the cats to the left of the entrance, while straight ahead is the cafe/bar area where you can order snacks or drinks.

Some of the cookies on display – check out the Totoro and cat cookies!

If you do decide to get something from the cafe, you can take it in with you to the cat room; just make sure that the cats don’t drink or eat your stuff!

People can enter the cat room at the beginning of every hour, and you can spend up to an hour with the cats at a time. The staff like to let the cats take a break between every hour so that they have some time to rest and relax – I’m sure having strangers come in and out of their space so often can be a stressful experience :0.

One interesting thing about this cafe is that all the cats that live there are adoptable, but more importantly they are all FelV positive, which basically means that they are all affected by the cat equivalent of HIV/leukemia. Fortunately, it’s not a lethal disease or anything; the cats just have to be kept indoors because being outside might cause them to get into contact with germs that might get them sick.

I would definitely recommend going here if you’re a fan of cats and would like to hang out with some of them; my only regret is that people are only allowed to be in the room for an hour at a time and you have to pay for every hour you want to stay : (

Overall, NEKO is a pretty awesome place and I’ll recommend other people to check it out! If you want more information about NEKO, visit their website here!