Harry Potter with the Seattle Symphony :)

Growing up, the magical universe of Harry Potter was my favorite. I was definitely one of those kids who cried on the morning of their 11th birthday because they didn’t receive an acceptance letter from Hogwarts XD.

In addition to Harry Potter, I also really enjoy seeing live music, which is why I was so excited when my friend told me that the Seattle Symphony was performing the soundtrack of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban live while screening the movie :D!

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 8.45.42 PM

The concert was absolutely amazing and it was one of the most unique movie-watching experiences I’ve ever had. The conductor watches the movie from a small screen on his podium that gives visual signals on when the music should start and also keeps him on tempo with little blips of the screen, while the rest of the orchestra & choir watch the conductor for cues on when to play.


Benaroya hall, the concert venue and (I think) where the Seattle Symphony usually plays from, was also really cool, and the acoustics were pretty awesome within the hall. There was also lots of food and drink stands both outside and inside the hall where people could grab some bites before the concert or during intermission, where I bought a couple of yummy cookies! Some of the food stands inside the main hall area was also selling Harry Potter-themed snacks which was really fun to look at 😀


I really enjoyed the experience and had a newfound appreciation for all music in the movie. Until I saw the soundtrack being performed live, I never realized how much chorale stuff was in the soundtrack and also just how much music is in the movie at all. There were also times when I would forget that it was a live performance because it was just so seamlessly integrated with the movie screening and the performance was just absolutely wonderful ❤


When the Seattle Symphony does another one of these movie in concert series, I definitely want to check it out!

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