Leavenworth, Washington’s Bavarian Town

My sister is in town for the weekend from Boston, so today I took a day off of work and we took a daytrip to Leavenworth!

Most of the buildings in Leavenworth were of this style of architecture

Leavenworth is a town in Washington that historically was a settlement town that existed through the railroad boom, but after a while the town started dwindling in terms of residents and economy. Eventually the town leaders decided to re-brand the town as a tourist destination by developing it into a Bavarian town, complete with really cute looking signs and tons of beer/German food options! They have festivals year round and although there weren’t any taking place today when we went, we did get to see them putting up the Christmas lights for the tree-lighting ceremony which was cool!




The first thing we did on our trip was go to the Reindeer Farm for an informational tour about the farm! The staff there were super friendly and from what I could tell, it’s a family-owned business that’s pretty new.

Aside from reindeer, they also had some other animals around the farm, such as chickens, turkeys, horses, a rabbit, and a cat! So many animals ❀


The tour starts off with an informational session around the campfire given by one of the owners of the farm, who you can tell knows a lot about the reindeer and is very passionate about keeping the species going. After the info session, they let you enter the pen with all the reindeer and you’re pretty much free to pet them and feed them, and afterwards take pictures with them too!



After the Reindeer Farm tour, we went into the actual heart of Leavenworth, which was only a few minutes drive from the farm, and mostly did some eye shopping and eating yummy food πŸ˜€


It was a pretty full day and we really enjoyed the fall weather while strolling around the town : ), definitely a great destination for a daytrip from Seattle!

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