Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm

I went blueberry picking with some of my friends today! The farm’s called Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm, and it’s a quick 10 minute drive from downtown Bellevue πŸ™‚

I think the farm is owned and run by the City of Bellevue, which would explain the low prices and huge acreage of the park :0


The farm also sold had a shed where it some other produce, such as peaches and tomatoes πŸ˜€

The weather was drizzling a bit and it was a bit colder than I had anticipated, but it was great weather for spending some time outdoors and I even got to see some banana slugs out and about!

With the blueberries we picked (which I think was around 1.20$/lb), we made some lemon pound cake with blueberries, which was delicious and great ❀

Our lemon pound cake stuffed with blueberries!

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